UPSC ISS- Indian Statistical Services Paper 4 Question Papers PDF

UPSC Indian Statistical Service Statistics Paper 4 Question papers Download for the last years which can help to know more about the exam paper. In exam paper, 5 questions are to be answered on the answer sheet. The sample questions for the Statistics paper are given below and these are the type of questions that come in exam. UPSC ISS Statistical 4 Papers are given for your better preparations from which you can practice well for the exams.

Q1: A)  Distinguish between Projection and Forecast. Discuss the component method of population projection.

  1. B) Describe King’s method for constructing an abridged life table
  2. C) Show that age distribution of 2 stable populations would be identical if they are such that their mortalities at all ages differ by constant at all ages
  3. D) Give a short account of main findings of Population Census of India, 2011

Q2: For the following data of country, calculate GRR and NRR-

Age (In years) Age Specific Fertility Rate Female Life Table Stationary population
15-19 0.0696 4180
20-24 0.2346 4123
25-29 0.1897 2063
30-34 0.1143 4001
35-39 0.0611 3934
40-44 0.0285 3860
45-49 0.0101 3763

The sex ratio at birth for country may be assured to be 105 males to 100 females

  1. B) What do you understand by estimation of demographic measures from incomplete data? Explain how stable population concept is used in estimating birth and death rates of population
  2. C) Explain steps to solve an LLP Problem using solver of MS- Excel and illustrate with example
  3. D) Explain the steps to solve ANOVA one – way classification using MS- Excel

Download the full set of question papers of the UPSC ISS Statistical Paper IV from below which will help you to get much better score in the exam paper this year. Study all the syllabus in the best possible way so that you are able to answer the questions of each field in the exam paper.

UPSC ISS Statistical paper 4 Question Papers DOWNLOAD

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