UPSC Indian Statistical Services ISS Paper 2 Old Papers Download

UPSC ISS Statistical paper II Question papers for the last years can be attained in PDF format from this page. The Indian Statistical Services Statistical Paper 4 will contain the questions from which 5 questions are to be answered. Below on this page, are the links provided for the UPSC ISS Statistical II Previous Papers which will help you in best way for the preparations of exam. Download UPSC ISS Paper 2 Old Papers and practice them. Below are some questions which are of ISS level-


  1. Define a simple and composite hypothesis. State and Prove necessary part. Neyman pearsn Fundamental lemma for testing a simple hypothesis against one sided alternatives
  2. In estimating, the parameter p of Binomial (2, p), random variable Y, find, under squared error loss, the risk when (i) d1 (y)= y/ 2 and (ii) d2 (y)= y+1/ y where d1 (y) and d2 (y) are the estimators based on Y=y.
  3. In an examination each student had to answer p questions carrying equal marks which were examined independently by 2 examiners. The problem is to test the hypothesis that there is no significant difference between the average marks awarded by 2 examiners on each question on basis of marks obtained by random sample of N students, 2 (N- 1) >= p. Assuming that marks distribution for 2 examiners are multi variate normal with common unknown positive definite dispersion matrix, suggest and justify sized unbiased test for problem, 0 < a < 1
  4. Obtain the control limits for following data providing the no. of colored threads in 15 pieces of cloth and comment- 1, 12, 3, 20, 5, 4, 3, 10, 8, 0, 9, 6, 21, 7, 20

The candidates who all apply for the exam need the papers of UPSC IES/ ISS Statistical Paper 2 and refer them for the best of use in the exam this year. The question paper will give you idea of what type of questions will come in exam paper.

UPSC IES/ ISS Statistical Paper II Previous Year Question papers Download PDF

 Paper 2011  Paper 2012 Paper 2013   Paper 2014

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