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UPSC IES/ ISS Statistical III Question Papers Download and you will be able to know what type of questions come in the exam paper. Below are the some questions which have been the part of the ISS exam in the last years. The exam is the important one which is conducted by ISS every year. Indian Statistical Services Paper 3 Previous paper will help you to prepare for exam in best possible and correct way. These will give you idea of how the questions are asked in the exam. Practicing the old ISS Paper III Questions will provide the best source of studying for the exam.

Q1) Answer the following-

  1. Discuss various steps of finding adjusted monthly indices of seasonal variations using link relative method
  2. Obtain the complementary function and particular integral of first order regressive model. Show that Ut is moving average of random elements with weights 1, a, a2, …
  3. Discuss simple aggregate method of Index number. Why is weighted average of price relative index preferred over simple aggregate method? Show that weighted average of price relative index number is same as that of Paasche’s index number.
  4. Explain heteroscedasticity. Show that under heteroscedastic model, OLS estimator is less efficient than the weighted least square estimator.
  5. Explain Weighted Aggregates method, Criteria of good index number
  6. Explain effect of Ridge estimator in multicollinearity. Show that ridge estimator is biased. Obtain its bias and variance
  7. Explain Keysian income determination simultaneous equation model. Show that simultaneous equation model violates the assumptions of OLS estimator.

Practice the questions of above type and you will be able to score good in the exam. The applicants of the exam need to make it a point to read all the topics related to Statistics. To get the full set of question papers, download the PDF and practice them all. The UPSC Indian Statistical Exam is the important competitive exam so prepare for it in the sincere way.

UPSC Indian Statistical Services Statistics Paper III Previous Year Question Paper DOWNLOAD

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