Economics II Previous Papers For Indian Economic Services UPSC

UPSC conducts various examinations every year of different fields and services. The Indian Economic Service (IES) GENERAL ECONOMIC II paper is the part of the exam. The applicants of the exam need to prepare in the best possible way for the exam.

The Indian Economic Services exam has different papers such as general Economics paper 1, 2 and 3 & Indian Economics. Each exam paper has to be studied in the well- organized way following all the syllabus. For all, UPSC IES Economics II Previous Papers will surely guide in best way what to prepare for exam. While doing so, you will know which all topics you need to practice for better performance in exam.

The sample Questions of the paper are given below which have come in the exam paper of last years.

Q1: Discuss the topics as are given-

  1. High powered Money
  2. Supply creates its own demand
  3. Trade creation and trade
  4. Security market

The topics which are asked are based on the economics field. So, the general topics need to be prepared in the proper way.

Q2: Discuss Harvey Leibenstein’s classifications of characteristics of underdeveloped economies.

Q3: What is non- bank financial intermediary? How does ir influence the efficacy of monetary policy? Discuss

Q4: What are the salient features of Chicago school of thought in monetary economics? Discuss

Q5: What is green NNP? Elucidate whether Green NNP can be used as sustainability indicator.

The paper is subjective type paper which has to be attempted by the applicants on the separate answer sheet provided. There are questions of different marks limit in the paper and so you need to answer them accordingly. IES Economic services II papers can be downloaded and practice them in the best way so that you are some used to on solving the paper.

Download UPSC IES Economics II Papers of previous years and have full idea of exam paper.

UPSC Indian Economic Services (IES) GENERAL ECONOMICS II Previous Papers PDF

 Paper 2011  Paper 2012  Paper 2013  Paper 2014

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