UPSC ESE Mechanical Paper-I Old Question Papers Download

UPSC Engineering Services Exam Mechanical is conducted every year. There are 2 papers organized for Mechanical Stream. The Mechanical Paper-I Previous year Papers are made available on this page so that the candidates can know more properly about the exam. There are some sample questions which are the part of Mechanical paper 1 help by UPSC.

1. Along the ‘triple line’ in a p-v diagram showing all three phases of water, which one of the following statements is correct?

  • A substance has the same pressure and temperature but different specific volume.
  • A substance has same temperature and specific volume but different pressure.
  • A substance has same specific volume and pressure but different temperature.
  • A substance has same specific volume, pressure & temperature.

2. A reversible engine works between temperature limits of 260o and 60o to improve the performance =, we have to?

  • Raise the source temperature to 300o
  • Lower the sink temperature to 30o
  • Insulate the engine
  • None of the Above

3. For the same compression ratio, the efficiency of an air standard Otto cycle is?

  • More than the efficiency of an air standard diesel cycle.
  • Less than the efficiency of air standard diesel cycle
  • Equal to the efficiency of an air standard diesel cycle
  • None of the above

4. Consider the following statements pertaining to the properties of perfect, non-reacting gas mixtures?

  • The total volume of a mixture is the sum of partial volumes at the same pressure and temperature.
  • The entropy of a mixture of gases is the same as the entropies of the constituents.
  • The total pressure of a mixture of gases is the sum of partial pressure of the substances.
  • The mole fraction of a mixture of the gases is equal to both pressure and volume fraction.

5. The following reasons, are mentioned while recommending supercharging for the engines used in aero planes and submarines?

  1. More volumetric efficiency, better combustion and increased power output.
  2. Higher peak pressure, increased temperature and smaller size.

Which of the above reasons is/ are correct?

  • 1 only
  • 2 only
  • Both 1 and 2
  • Neither 1 nor 2

Practice the questions of the same type related to Mechanical field. Download the papers and bring them into the best use for your exam preparations.


Paper 1

Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4
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Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

Paper 4

UPSC ESE Mechanical 2 Previous papers DOWNLOAD

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