UPSC Civil Engineering ESE Paper II Previous Question Papers Solved

Engineering Services Examination CIVIL is being organized by UPSC every year so as to sort out the best candidates for the different posts. The applicants are in need of previous year question papers for the exam to know the paper style and to practice more about exam.

Below are some UPSC ESE CIVIL Paper II Questions which have been the part of the examinations held in previous years.

1. Singing of telephone wires in wind occurs due to?

  • Vibrations caused by birds as they sit on, or get off, the wires
  • Tensioning at the ends
  • Magnus effect
  • Generation of Karman Vortex street

2. A fire hose has a nozzle attached to it, and the nozzle discharges a jet of water into the atmosphere at a velocity of 20 m/s. This causes the joint of the nozzle with the house to be in?

  • Tension
  • A state of zero stress
  • Compression
  • Bending Stress

3. A two dimensional water jet strikes a fixed two-dimensional plate at 30o to the normal to the plate. This causes the jet to split into two streams in which the ratio of larger discharge to smaller discharge is?

  • 14.0
  • 3.0
  • 2.0
  • 1.0

4. The best estimate of runoff represented by 57mm of runoff depth from a basin area 3300 km2 is nearly?

  • 2300 cumec-days
  • 2225 cumec-days
  • 2175 cumec-days
  • 2020 cumec-days

5. A regime canal carries silt of median size 0.25mm. the Lacey’s silt factor of this silt is?

  • 66
  • 88
  • 44
  • 22

6. Population levels over 5 decades of a small town given below.

Year Population
1960 2,50,000
1970 2,80,000
1980 3,40,000
1990 4,20,000
2000 4,90,000

The estimated population of the town in the year 2020 estimated by arithmetic increase method will be

  • 5,10,000
  • 5,90,000
  • 6,10,000
  • 6,90,000

The question paper is all set with the questions from Civil field. So, just focus on the syllabus of the Civil Syllabus with the references from the best books of Civil. The previous year papers can help you to improve upon the preparation regarding the exams.

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