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Uttar Pradesh Combined Pre Medical Test or UPCPMT Previous year question papers download link is being given in PDF format so that the applicants can prepare well for the exam. UPCPMT Paper 1 Previous Year Papers contain the questions which have been asked in Paper 1 format. The questions are asked from the syllabus section and the candidates need to practice all types of questions. UPCPMT Paper 2 Previous Year Question Papers are provided which can be used for the exam preparation. UPCPMT Exam is a competitive paper for which the studies have to be done in best way. The sample questions are given below for Combined Pre medical test which have asked in the exam earlier years. UPCPMT Previous years solved questions will help you to know how the questions are asked in exam.

Q1: Cell division or mitosis is normal process in a living cell, but sudden and abnormal mitosis in an organ will give-

  1. Zygote
  2. Cancer
  3. New organ
  4. Gastrula

Q2: Which of the following statements are correct?

  • Venom of cobra is neutrotoxic
  • Venom of sea snake is neurotoxic
  • Venom of viper is haemotoxic
  1. 1, 2, 3
  2. 1, 3
  3. 1, 2
  4. 2, 3

Q3: In man, which of the following genotypes & phenotypes gives aneuploidy result in sex chromosomes?

  1. 22 pairs + XXY males
  2. 22 pairs + XX females
  3. 22 pairs + XXXY females
  4. 22 pairs + X females

Q4: Mark the correct sequence of layers found in root anatomy:

  1. Epiblema, Cortex, Endodermis, Pericycle
  2. Cortex, Epiblema, Pericycle, Endodermis
  3. Epiblema, Cortex, Pericycle, Endodermis
  4. Cortex, Epiblema, Endodermis, epidermis

Q5: Meristematic tissue are-

  1. Premature having ability of division
  2. Mature don’t have ability of division
  3. Premature don’t have ability of division
  4. Complex differentiating in xylem, phloem, cambium

Q6: Nuclear fusion is common to the pair-

  1. Thermonuclear reactor, uranium based nuclear reactor
  2. Energy production in sun, uranium based nuclear reactor
  3. Energy production in sun, hydrogen bomb
  4. Disintegration of heavy nuclei, hydrogen bomb

Q7: Mercury boiled at 367o C. Mercury thermometers are made to measure temperature upto 500o C becuase-

  1. Maintaining vacuum above mercury column in the stem of thermometer
  2. Filling nitrogen gas at high pressure above the mercury column
  3. Filling oxygen gas at high pressure above the mercury column
  4. Filling nitrogen gas at low pressure above the mercury column

Q8: An aluminium & copper rod with same lengths & resistances. The resistance of copper is half that of aluminium, but its density is three tones that of aluminium. The ratio of mass of aluminium rod and that of copper rod will be-

  1. 1/ 6
  2. 2/ 3
  3. 1/ 3
  4. 6

Q9: A microscope is focused on a mark on piece of paper and then slab of glass of thickness 3 cm and refractive index 1.5 is placed over the mark. How should the microscope be moved to get mark gain in focus?

  1. 4 cm upward
  2. 1 cm upward
  3. 3 cm upward
  4. 1 cm upward

These are just the sample questions answers of which can be checked from the PDF file given below. UPCPMT Old papers of previous years will help you to understand the type of questions that can be asked in the exam. UPCPMT has large no. of applicants every year and so it is important to prepare well for the topics of exam.Previous papers of UPCPMT exam can be downloaded and used for exam preparation. Write in comments for any query.

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