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Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment & Promotion Board is going to recruit candidates for the post of computer operator. Most of the aspirants are searching for UP Police Computer Operator previous year papers as it is very important from the prospective of examination because old papers give an idea to the candidate about what type of questions will be asked and what is level of the examination. So we suggest that when you prepare for the examination then just go through the questions & try to solve them. First check the syllabus of the UP police computer operator so that you will all know from which section question will be asked.

Question1. How many values can be held by an array A (-3:10, 5:12) ?

  1. 119
  2. 91
  3. 112
  4. 104

Question2.  Consider a two dimensional character array A [1:5,2:7]. Assuming row major order of storage determine the address of element A[2][3] if base address is 500.

  1. 508
  2. 506
  3. 501
  4. 508

Question3. Stack is

  1. Static data structure
  2. Inbuilt data structure
  3. Dynamic data structure
  4. None of these

Question4. Find prefix of following postfix AB*CD/+

  1. +*AB/CD
  2. +AB*C/D
  3. +AB*/CD
  4. +A*B/CD

Question5. Queue can be used to implement

  1. DFS
  2. BFS
  3. Radix-Sort
  4. Recursion

Question6. Which of the following statement contains an error ?

  1. Select * from EMP where EMPID = 15;
  2. Select EMPID from EMP whereEMPID = 15;
  3. Select EMPID from EMP;
  4. Select EMPID where EMPID = 15 and LASTNAME = ‘Singh’;

Question7. In a queue if value of front pointer is equal to rear pointer then queue

  1. Is empty
  2. Is full
  3. Has one element
  4. May have one element

Question8. What is the purpose of a routing table?

  1. To store every address of every node
  2. To know the exact location of destination address
  3. To flood network
  4. To find most efficient route to the destination

For more information you can get the paper through the link given below & all the very best with your preparation for the examination. Try to focus on this job only till the time you get this job for any query you can comment below we will try to get back to you ASAP.

UPPRPB Computer Operator Syllabus DOWNLOAD

UPPRPB Computer Operator Previous Year Question Paper DOWNLOAD

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