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UGC NET Code 04 Psychology Paper II&III Syllabus With Scheme Details

UGC NET Code 04 Psychology exam syllabus and scheme is being provided below. Paper II & paper III for CBSE NET psychology is being mentioned below as per the defined curriculum. The applicants of the UGC NET Psychology Paper II, III Syllabus will help you to score better in the exam. it is important to prepare for the exam as it is the largest competitive exam for which the candidates have to work hard.

UGC NET Psychology Exam Pattern 2019

Paper II: 50 objective type questions of 100 marks

Paper III: Part A will have short essay type questions of total 160 marks, Part B will contain questions from elective subjects and will be of 200 marks

UGC NET Psychology Exam Syllabus 2019

Paper 2 will contain the following-

Perceptual processors: Study of perception, Gestalt and physiological, perceptual organization, role of motivation and learning in perception

Learning Process: Classical conditioning, instrumental learning, reinforcement, verbal learning

Memory ad forgetting: Memory processes, stages of memory, Long term memory (LTM), Short term memory (STM), Episodic and semantic memory, theories of forgetting

Thinking and Problem solving: Thought process theories, concept formation, reasoning, problem solvin, thinking concepts

Motivation and Emotion: Biological motives, study of motivation, social motives, exploratory behavior, physiological correlates, theories of emotions, conflicts

Human Abilities: Intelligence, Theories, individual and group differences, measurements of human abilities

Personality: Determinants of personality, approaches to study of personality, personality assessment, self concept

Research Methodology: Hypothesis, Types of physiological research, methods of data collection, non- parametric tests

Measurement and Testing: Test construction, Test standardization, Test types, attitude scales, educational measurements and evaluation

Biological Basis of Behavior: Receptors, neural impulse, sensory system, human nervous system

Paper III: Part A Syllabus will include-

Signal Detection theory, subliminal perception. Ecological perspective, learning theories, cognitive approaches, experimental analysis of behavior, neurophysiology, learning theories, models of memory, semantic memory, long term memory, biological basis of memory, improving memory, convergent and divergent thinking. Decision making, creative thinking, problem solving, language and thought, historical antecedents, measurement of motives, neural mechanism of emotion, current theories of emotions, stress and copying, theories of intelligence, creativity, abilities, clinical and gr9owth approaches, existential and humanistic, personality assessment, psychology, research designs, ANOVA, correlational  analysis, factor analysis, psychological scaling, sources of bias, ethical issues, application of factor analysis, physiological psychology, sleep and walking, Ingestive behavior, endocrine systems

Paper III: Part B syllabus will include the elective subjects whose syllabus can be checked from the below given PDF.

UGC NET Psychology Syllabus DOWNLOAD

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