UGC NET General Paper- Teaching & Research Aptitude Syllabus & Scheme PDF 2019

UGC NET General paper On Teaching And Research Aptitude Syllabus

In this paper, there are several sections of equal marks distribution. There are 5 questions in each section each of 10 marks.

Teaching Aptitude- This section includes the questions so as to test the skills of the applicant in the field of teaching. The nature of teaching along with objectives are tested. The factors that affect teaching are asked in the exam paper. The teaching aids which are used while teaching are asked in exam paper. The factors which are affecting teaching are asked so as to know the capabilities of the applicant for teaching. The evaluation systems for the teachers are being asked in the exam paper.

Research Aptitude- Similar to teaching aptitude, the research aptitude section of the exam will test the candidates for the research work in near future. The nature, steps, methods and ethics of research are the topics that are covered in exam paper. Thesis writing skills are tested for the candidates which are really important for a researcher.

Reading Comprehension- A passage is given which has to be read and then questions following it are to be answered.

Communication- The nature of communication to interact with the others in classroom are to be tested. The barriers which come across best communication are the important things to be known.

Reasoning- Mathematical Questions based on number series, letter series, codes, relationships, classifications are asked in the exam paper.

Logical Reasoning- Logical Diagrams, Venn diagrams, analytical reasoning, verbal classification are the topics from which the questions are asked in the exam paper. Word Analogy, inductive reasoning, arguments are asked in the exam paper.

Data Interpretation- Sources, acquisition, qualitative & quantitative data, mapping of data, graphical representation are the topics of the exam paper.

ICT (Information & Communication Technology)- The basic questions based on advantages, disadvantages, uses, terminologies, e- mail, internet are asked

People & Environment: The general science questions are asked which include the topics such as pollution, human life, natural hazards etc.

Higher Education System- Structure of institutions for higher learning and research in India, formal education, concept, polity and administration, general education, interactions are asked in the exam paper.

All topics basics have to be understood well so as to answer the questions related to them in the true way.

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