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UGC|CBSE NET Code 11 Syllabus For Defence & Strategic Studies Pattern 2019

UGC NET is the very important competitive exam which is held in different subjects. Defence & Strategic Studies is one of the subjects for which the UGC paper is conducted. UGC national Eligibility Test is now officially conducted by CBSE board. So, UGC NET or called now as CBSE NET requires the attention of the candidate for exam preparation. A proper study for the exam includes the basics of the important topics covered in the exam, practicing the questions from syllabus and improving where ever possible to learn more things.

Focus on the exam syllabus and thus refer to the best books to prepare.

UGC NET Syllabus for Defence 2019

Itwill include the following mentioned topics. It is important for the applicants to reach out the detailed syllabus of the exam.

  • Various Theories and concepts related to nation, state, nation state, security concepts
  • Power Balance, Collective security, development, geopolitics and geo strategy concepts
  • Problems of peace & security: War, Armaments, Military Alliances, Problem of system, Terrorism, Conflicting Ideologies, Nuclear Proliferation, Military complex in industries
  • Defence and security policies, national security organizations, détente, contribution by kautilya, Mao, Jomini, Clausewitz, Douhet, Alfred Mahan
  • Issues in Conflict Resolution: conflict management, international humanitarian laws, Origin, type, images, conflict prevention, laws of armed conflicts, confidence building measures, IDOs & NGOs in conflict resolution, Prevention of peace
  • Global Security Issues: military geography, organized crimes, Cold war end, UNO restructuring, environmental issues, militarization of Indian ocean, Logistics issues, Refugees problems
  • Economic, Science & technology issues and national security: Broad survey of technological changes, economic theories, defence planning basics, national security, India’s nuclear & space programmes, research and development, mobilization issues, technology transfer

For more details on each topics- Kindly download the UGC NET Defence & Strategic Studies Syllabus from below given link-

UGC NET Defence & Strategic Studies Code 11 Syllabus DOWNLOAD

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  1. With a Masters in Gandhi & Peace Studies can i appear for NET in Defence & Strategic Studies?

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