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CBSE/UGC NET Anthropology Syllabus With Paper Scheme Code-07 2019

Central Board of Secondary Education is now the official in charge to conduct the examination for the National Eligibility Test. The authority has been given by UGC and they have declared the syllabus for every subject in which Anthropology is one of them. Syllabus helps the aspirants to know each and every topic from which questions can be put up. As most of the aspirants know that most of the subject contain two papers of 100 (Paper II) & 200 marks (Paper III).

Below we are describing the few content of the syllabus and rest you can download thorough the web link given at the end of post. Few techniques by which you can clear the CBSE NET exam is t o focus on the topics which you don’t know so that at least by this much experience you can score marks. Anthropology is very interesting subject as it is study of humans.

UGC NET Anthropology Paper II will contain topics like.

Introduction of historic development, know the relationship & many more.



Human Genetics


Typo Technology and Palaeolithic Cultural Features

Holocene Culture

Evolution, Social Structure and Organisation

Economic and Political Organisation: Religion and Magic

Indian Anthropology: Basic Concepts and Issues

UGC NET Anthropology Part III (Part A and B) will contain

Unit I: Theories of Evolution- Physical and Social

Unit II: Distribution, Characteristics, Classification, Position of Man in Animal Kingdom.

Unit III: History and Development, Concept, Scope and Emerging trends- Relation to other sciences and Medicine.

Unit IV: Red Cell Enzymes

Unit V: Environmental Archaeology

Unit VI: Earliest Cultures (Primitive Hunter Gathers)

Unit VII: Final Hunter-Gather and Incipient Cultivations (Mesolithic Cultures)

Unit VIII: The Meaning and Nature of Culture

Unit XI: Contribution to Social-Cultural anthropology

NOTE: UGC NET Anthropology Full syllabus is given in PDF format at the end of the post.

UGC NET Anthropology Syllabus DOWNLOAD

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