UGC NET|CBSE NET Economics (01) Syllabus For Paper- II&III 2019

University Grants Commission (UGC) Net Bureau exam is conducted for several subjects. Economics Exam Syllabus is provided below so that the candidates can refer it and prepare for their examination in the right direction. UGC NET Economics Exam Pattern & Syllabus is being described below as per which the applicant can prepare well for the exam. UGC NET exam is the important paper and so the preparations for the exam are to be done on serious note. There are lot of things which are to be covered for the exam. Be focused and schedule your study for the better scores in the exam.

UGC NET Economics Exam Pattern 2019

The economics Paper 2 question papers named as Paper II and Paper III (Part A & B).

Paper II– 50 questions of Multiple Choice, Matching Type, true/ False, Assertion- Reasoning type (100 Marks)

Paper III– It has further 2 parts-

  • Part A- 10 short essay type questions of 16 marks each. Choices would be given in the questions in this section
  • Part B- Compulsory section of elective question which has to be answered in 800 words

So, Paper III is of 200 marks in total.

UGC NET Economics Syllabus 2019

For Paper II

  1. Micro- Economic Analysis
  2. Macro- Economic Analysis
  3. Development and Planning
  4. Public Finance
  5. International Economics
  6. Indian Economy
  7. Statistical methods

UGC NET Economics Paper III Syllabus- PART A Syllabus-

Unit I: Theory of demand, theory of production, collusive and non- collusive oligopolies, different models of objectives

Unit II: Keynesian & post Keynesian approach, investment theory, demand theory, output, fleming mundell open economy model

Unit III: Development and growth, theories of growth, kaldor, development theories, factors in economy development, trade and development

Unit IV: Taxation theories, union finance, state finance, public debt, union state financial relations, fiscal policy

Unit V: Monetary approach, regional blocs, political economy of imposition of non- tariff barriers, theory of international reserves, optimum currency areas, WTO

Unit VI: Components of money supply, RBI, Commercial banks and cooperatives, non bank financial institutions, specialized financial institutions

Unit VII: Industrial Structure and economic growth, pattern of industrialization, theories of industrial location, industrial productivity, industrial finance & labour, economic reforms

Unit VIII: Population & economic development, Malthusian theory of population, demography concepts, poverty, Environment, Role of state

Unit IX: Role of agriculture, institutional aspects, technological aspects, capital formation, cooperative movement

Unit X: Differenial & integral calculus (applications), I/O O/P analysis, application of correlation and regression

Paper III (B) Optional or Elective:

It includes several sections- Elective I, Elective II, Elective III, Elective IV, Elective V

Study well for the exam and the several other details of the exam are attached herewith in PDF file. A little better concentration will help to score high.

UGC NET Rural/Busines/Applied Economics/Econometrics/Co-operation Syllabus DOWNLOAD

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