Simple & Compound Interest Questions & Answers Shortcut Tricks With Formulas

Simple & Compound Interest Aptitude Questions

People are trying to apply for the recruitment which they are suited with. There are much recruitment which conduct the common entrance examination to recruit the candidates. So, the candidates should score high marks in the examination without fail. When they look after the exam preparation, they can make use of the syllabus of it. In the syllabus, they can able to know about the subjects involved in it. The mathematical subject is used in every examination.

This will be very tough to clear all problems with accurate answers. Huge numbers of topics are available in this subject. Here, we are going to discuss about the simple & compound interest. The candidates can look after the examples on books and guides. This simple & compound interest topic deals with the money which is payable on your principle amount. It is calculated by using simple formals.  The candidate should be memorized with the formals.

Simple & Compound Interest Shortcut Tricks & Tips

They should know which kind of formula will be used to apply for this problem. Only then they can be able to find the proper answers. The candidate should have the regular practice in it. It will help to identify easily about the questions. And therefore they can get their accurate answers from the choices. They have to spend much time on these derivations, since it is a simple & compound interest problem. It is also asked in the multiple choice questions.

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Paper 1 Paper 2 FORMULAS

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