Series Completion Questions With Solutions PDF For Competitive Exams

Series Completion Questions

Verbal reasoning is the subject which is attempted by candidates in every competitive exam every year. Verbal reasoning is an understanding and reasoning concepts framed in words. Verbal reasoning tests are often used for the entrance of candidates in various schools universities etc. These are the aptitude tests which includes various parts. Series Completion questions for Bank exams and infact in all competitive exams these questions are asked.

As the name suggests Series completion is a kind of test in which various series of numbers or letters are given. One of the units in the series is missing and the candidate has to solve the sum by filling the missing series. The missing number or letter is represented by the blank space or an interrogation mark. Candidates have to solve and choose the answer from the alternatives given below the series.

Series completion is the test which is used for the preparation of various interviews, competitive examination and preparation of entrance tests etc. Series completion includes prime, division, n2, multiplication, (n2+1), (n2-1), n3, letter etc. series. Series completion is the easiest subject under verbal reasoning as this doesn’t require many efforts. If concept of the topic is clear than students clear all the problems easily. We will explain you types of questions which are asked under series completion and how they are solved.

Series Completion Examples

Question 1. Find the next number in the series: 87, 80, 74, 69, 65, __

Solution: Looking at the series we find that the series is a “DECREASING” sequence.

So we try to find what is being subtracted. The series is

87, 87 – 7 = 80, 80 – 6 = 74, 74 – 5 = 69, 69 – 4 = 65

Answer is 65 – 3 = 62.

Question 2. 1010, 8020, 27030, 64040,….

(a) 125500 (b) 125050

(c) 100255 (d) 120055

Solution. (b) The series is 103 + 10 = 1010, 203 + 20 = 8020, etc.

The next number is 503 + 50 = 125050

These are some example of the questions asked in series completion. Candidates prepare accordingly. Various books are available in market for verbal reasoning. Candidates can prepare online also. We have provided you all the detail on the series completion.

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