Top List of Books On Ruby on Rails For Learning

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework in which server side web application framework is written in Ruby whereas Rails is a model or controller framework providing default structures of databases, a web service etc. It is the combination of Ruby and Rails programming language with JavaScript, HTML etc. for the creation of web application which runs on web server. The web application framework Rail is very well designed to work with programming language Ruby. The learning program in Ruby is very easy and super flexible language in comparison to other languages and it very well guide in writing in awesome codes. Rails is one of the most demanding skills and thus it is most lovable programming language in whole world.

If aspirants are planning to learn about Ruby on Rails, best selection of books play a very important role. The Eloquent Ruby helps in writing in clean codes.

Ruby on Rails Best Books For Beginners

  • Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen: This book is perfect for any Ruby on Rails developer at intermediate level which comprises of tutorial formula.
  • Agile Web Development with Rails 4
  • Design Patterns in Ruby and Rails Pattern
  • Code Complete
  • The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Modular Rails: from this book, aspirants can learn about different ways of building Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Rails Anti-Pattern
  • Programming Ruby 1.9 & 2.0
  • Practical Object- Oriented design in Ruby
  • Multitenancy with Rails: it gives knowledge about various steps involved in developing complex Rails App
  • The Ruby Programming Language
  • The Well Grounded Rubyist
  • Learn Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe: is one of the best recommended book for the beginners learning Rails. The process of building web applications is very well explained here.
  • Capstone Rails Tutorial by Daniel Kehoe: It is the most advance book giving best examples of codes and cover updated topics such as authentication, authorization and testing. The authentication involves devise, authorization involves roles while testing covers RSpec.
  • Clean Ruby by Jim Gay: This book gives knowledge about how to keep the code manageable in a streamlined manner.
  • Ruby Science by Joe Ferris, Harlow Ward & Thoughtbot: is one of the best training tool for the beginners with complete example application.
  • Confident Ruby by Avdi Grimm: It develops confidence in intermediate developers.

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