RPSC Junior Hydro Geologist Syllabus & Paper Pattern What To Prepare?

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) Junior Hydro geologist in Groundwater Department recruitment is being done through a written exam. For this exam, there are various candidates and so the competition level is high. RPSC Jr. Hydro geologist Syllabus & paper pattern for the exam is being mentioned below preparing which in proper schedule will help you to achieve better for the exam. Syllabus for RPSC Junior Hydro geologist paper has to be studied well for all candidates.

RPSC Jr. Hydro geologist Exam Pattern: Written exam is being conducted for Jr. Hydro Geologist in which the objective type questions will be asked.

Total marks: 100 Marks

Total Questions: 100 Questions

Total Time: 2 hours

NOTE: There is negative marking in the exam.

RPSC Junior Hydro Geologist Syllabus:

Ground Water Exploitation: Elementary knowledge of various types of Drilling and its application in Ground Water exploration, Hydro geomorphic mapping using various remote sensing techniques, Application of Radio isotopes in hydrogeological studies, Surface and subsurface Geophysical and Geological methods of Ground Water exploration

Water Resources: Ground Water depletion and Ground Water rising problems in Rajasthan, Elementary knowledge of Ground Water assessment, Conservation and sustainable development of Ground Water resources, Problems and Management, Impact assessment of degradation and contamination due to Industrialization and Urbanization, Concepts of watershed management

Distribution of Water: Surface, Hydrological cycle, Hydrological properties of Rocks, Specific Retention, Hydraulic conductivity, Transmissivity, Storage co-efficient, Darcy’s law & its applications, Hydrostratigraphic units of Rajasthan, Aquifers and their types, Consumptive and conjuctive use of surface and Ground Water

Ground Water quality: Physical characteristics, Problems of Fluoride, Nitrate, T.D.S., Sulphate, Chloride and Salinity in Rajasthan, Estimation and methods of treatment for various uses, Water contaminants and Pollutants, Ground Water quality map of Rajasthan, Chemical characteristics

Well hydraulics: Problems of overexploitation of Ground Water, Water level fluctuation, Methods of Pumping test, Natural and Artificial Recharge of Ground Water, Types of Well and Well logging

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