RPSC Asst Professor (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) Exam Syllabus Pattern

RPSC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Health & Medical Department) assistant professor examination is being conducted for which the exam syllabus and pattern is given below-

RPSC Asst professor (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation -Health & Medical Department) Exam Syllabus & pattern-

Exam pattern: The details of the exam is-

  • Type- Objective type
  • Total Time- 2 Hours
  • Total Ques- 100 each of 1 mark

NOTE– There will be negative marking in the paper.

Exam Syllabus- There are certain topics which are to be studied for the exam which include-

  1. History & Scope of PMR, Definitions & terminology
  2. Community Based disability with Prevention and Rehabilitation
  3. Understanding disability
  4. Basic sciences & Surgical techniques
  5. Disability assessment and certifications
  6. Legislations, acts with policies
  7. Schemes for PWDs
  8. Clinical valuation of patients in PMR
  9. Diagnostic Tests related to PMR
  10. Quality and outcome measures in PMR
  11. Therapeutic Exercises
  12. Pharmacotherapy in PMR
  13. Gait and its deviations
  14. Orthotics
  15. Prosthetics
  16. Wheel Chairs & Seating Systems
  17. Spasticity Management
  18. Vocational and Psycho social evaluation
  19. Scope of Physical therapy
  20. Principles of occupational therapy
  21. Rehabilitation of patients with all kinds of pains
  22. Holistic rehabilitation
  23. Rehabilitation and management of patients with pain
  24. Rehabilitation of cumulative trauma disorders
  25. Management & rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions
  26. Stroke Rehabilitation
  27. Brain Injuries Rehabilitation
  28. Essentials of occupational health
  29. Rehabilitation with spinal cord injury
  30. Stroke rehabilitation
  31. Prevention and management of chronic wounds
  32. Speech and hearing
  33. Principles and procedures in burn rehabilitation
  34. Pulmonary rehabilitation
  35. Assessment, counseling and interventions for sexual dysfunctions in PWD
  36. Management of Sports injury
  37. Principles and procedures in burn Rehabilitation
  38. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  39. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  40. Vestibular Rehabilitation
  41. Health Promotions
  42. Women Health and rehabilitation
  43. Architectural Barriers and Environmental modification
  44. Organ transportation and rehabilitation
  45. Health Promotions and principles of lifestyle disorder management
  46. Women’s health and Rehabilitation
  47. Architectural barriers, Environmental Modification
  48. Organ Transplantation and rehabilitation
  49. Rehabilitation protocol of joint replacements
  50. Cancer Rehabilitation
  51. Geriatric Rehabilitation
  52. Vestibular Rehabilitation
  53. Rehabilitation in ICU & CCU Setting
  54. Medical emergencies in PMR
  55. Palliative Care
  56. Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  57. Ethical Practices in Rehabilitation
  58. Evidence based Rehabilitation
  59. Research methodology
  60. Quality Assurance
  61. Teaching methodology
  62. Public Health Programmes
  63. Current Developments
  64. ICT and rehabilitation including Tele- rehabilitation
  65. Palliative care

There are several topics included within each topic which are to be studied in detail as the questions can be asked to test out the knowledge in the field.

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