BSER/RSEB 10th Science Sample Question Papers 2019 PDF

Rajasthan Board 10th Science Sample Question Papers are provided below along with the answers for your exam preparation. Rajasthan Class 10 Science Model papers will let you know the type of questions which can be asked in exam. The questions will be asked from the prescribed syllabus of the subject. Some sample questions are given below answers of which can be checked from the below given PDF files.

Q1: Explain the harmful effects of use of tobacco, alcohol and opium on human health giving 2 examples each.

Q2: (i) How does the shift farming (jhoom) encourage deforestation.

(ii) Write the name of book containing the collection of species on verge of extinction.

Q3: Match the following-

1.       Father of plastic surgery A.      Homi Jahangir Bhabha
2.       Bird man of India B.      Sushrut
3.       Father of Indian Atomic Science C.      Dr. Salim Ali

Q4: Suresh and Ramesh climb on a hill which is 15m high. Ramesh and Suresh Suresh and Ramesh have same weight of 38 Kg Ramesh reaches at top of the hill in 19 sec. Whereas Suresh reaches in 15 sec. Calculate the power used by them separately in climbing.

Q5: (i) Draw a labelled diagram of human eye.

(ii) Write reasons and remedies for Myopia, Hypermetropia and Presbyopia.

(iii) Define refraction of light and write its laws.

(iv) Draw a ray diagram which shows location of image when an object is placed between radius of curvature and focus.

Practice all the questions from the below given files and you can always refer back to your books for more knowledge and clarity on topics. Also, refer to other subjects’ study material for preparation. Stay connected with us to get all the notifications for the board exam preparation material. If you face any queries, you can write to us in comment section below and we will help you.

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