Raj Board Class 10 Mathematics Model Question Papers 2019

Raj 10th Mathematics Sample Question Papers have been provided here so that you can be prepared for the exam in the best way. Rajasthan Board 10th Maths model papers with solutions are given so that you can reevaluate yourself and improve your skills into the subject. After you have studied and prepared the syllabus for 10th Maths you can start the question practice. More questions you practice, more knowledge you will get. Some sample questions of Maths are given below which are asked from Class 10 syllabus of Rajasthan board.

Q1: Find the angle of elevation of sun, if length of shadow of tower is equal to its height.

Q2: A CCTV camera is placed at top of straight 12m high pole in such a way that traffic can be seen beyond 13m of line of sight of it. Find the distance from foot of pole beyond which traffic is visible.

Q3: A card is drawn from well shuffled pack of 52 cards. Find the probability of following that card is-

  1. Black
  2. Ace of heart
  3. Spade

Q4: If a point D on side BC of equilateral triangle ABC intersects such that BD = 1/3 BC, prove that 9AD2 = 7AD2

Q5: Vertices of triangle ABC are A(3, -2), B(0, 6) and C(-2, 4), then find the length of its medians.

Practice the above questions and check the solutions of these from the below PDFs. You can stay connected with us on social media to get all the updates on board papers. Also, you can get the competitive exam study material from www.questionpaperz.in for your exam preparations. For any kind of problem, you can write to us in comment section below and we will help you.

Paper 1

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