Best Perl Programming Books For Beginners

PERL (Practical Extraction And Reporting Language) is a high level language which is used for the development of web applications.  A general purpose programming language developed for the manipulation of text, web development, networking programming and many more. The program written in PERL language is known as perl scripts. For the system administration, networking programming, finance and other applications PERL 5 is used. It was first developed by Larry Wall which is especially designed for processing of the text.

PERL Best Books For Learning

  • Beginning Perl: It is useful in learning the basic concept of Perl.
  • Modern Perl Book: This book is suitable for programmers at every level and it also explains how and why the language works. It also tell effect and time saving features.
  • Impatient Perl by Greg London
  • Extreme Perl by Robert Nagler: Perl is a dynamic programming language and it also helps to build robust software applications very efficiently.
  • Picking up Perl by Bradely M.Kuhn and Neil Smyht: It provides many tutorials for Perl language and large number of people can access it.
  • Perl 5 Internals by Simens Cozens: It tells about fixing the bugs in the interpreter.
  • Practical Mod Perl by Stas Bekman & Eric Cholet: The most popular programming language Perl give rise to fast and powerful web programming. It is an extensive guide just like nut and bolts of popular and powerful Perl language. This is best practical guide.
  • Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason by Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams: This book helps in creation of large, complex and dynamic websites which looks good and it also helps in visualizing multiple solutions for a given problem and select among them and it covers many new features.
  • Perl & WP: It explains how to write the programs by using the excellent library.
  • Perl & LWP: It tells how to show web requests, provide authentication information and submit forms as well it also demonstrates tokens, regular expressions etc.
  • Mod Perl Developer’s Cookbook: This book is a practical guide and it teaches programming with the mod Perl developers cookbook. It also tell about tricks and solutions of a problem.
  • Object Oriented Perl
  • Learning Perl
  • Programming Perl
  • Higher Order Perl by Mark Jason
  • Perl Best Practices by Damian Conway

For the aspirants learning Perl can be a long process but this process can be made speedy by the selection of right materials and many experts have curated the best books for Perl learning and now books are available in a good and modern concepts and attracts the learner’s interest to learn more and more and gain knowledge. All the aspirants who want to become Perl experts can consult above books thoroughly.

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