Oriental Insurance OICL AO Marketing Sample| Model Question Papers

Oriental Insurance Company Limited (OICL) Administrative Officer Marketing Sample Papers for the exam are provided on this page so that all the candidates can prepare well for the exam. OICL AO marketing Model Question Paper With all solutions will help you to know what kind of questions come in exam. Sample Question Papers for Oriental Insurance AO Marketing field are mentioned below-

Question1. The sequence of a sales process is

  1. Lead generation, Call, Presentation and Sale
  2. Sale, Presentation, Lead generation and Call
  3. Presentation, Lead generation, Sale and Call
  4. Lead generation, Call Sale and Presentation
  5. There is no sequence required

Question2. What are the main features of Marketing System (MIS)?

  1. Creation of master plan for information flow, coordination between functional departments and specialist executives, future orientation for anticipating and preventing marketing problems and solving them.
  2. Facilitation for developing decisions in planning, organizing , controlling and initiating.
  3. Decision making, organising and controlling the major activities of the business and initiating action.
  4. All of the above.
  5. None of these.

Question3. Cross-selling means

  1. Selling with a cross face
  2. Cross country marketing
  3. Selling other products to existing customers
  4. Selling to friends
  5. Selling to employees

Question4. What is a logo?

  1. Pictoral representation of what the company stands for
  2. Graphic or emblem used by a company to trigger in- stant recall
  3. The short form of the name of the company
  4. All kinds of advertisements used by the company
  5. None of these

Question5. Marketing segmentation is useful for

  1. Preferential Marketing
  2. Targeting Existing Clients
  3. Identifying Prospects
  4. Knowing Customer’s Tastes
  5. All Of The Above

Question6. Distinction between marketing and selling is

  1. Marketing relates to producing or creating goods or services needed by the customers while in selling the objective is to sell whatever is available.
  2. Marketing is operational activity whereas the selling is a total management concept.
  3. Marketing is product focused while selling is customer focused.
  4. Marketing is oriented to the needs of the seller whereas selling is oriented to the needs of the buyer.
  5. None of these

Question7. What is the main function relating to the selection of salesman?

  1. Determination of the nature of salesman
  2. Determination of the No. of salesman
  3. Determination of the sources of salesman
  4. Selection of salesman
  5. All of above

Download the full set of Oriental Insurance AO Sample Papers from below-

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4
Paper 5 Paper 6 Paper 7 Paper 8
Paper 9 Paper 10 Paper 11 Paper 12

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