Oriental Insurance OICL Administrative Officer Old Question Papers Download

Oriental Insurance Company Limited (OICL) Administrative Officer Previous year Question papers are provided on this page as per which the candidates who have registered for the exam can prepare well. OICL AO Old Question Papers will guide in what way the questions are asked in the exam. Oriental Insurance AO previous papers are based on the syllabus of the exam. The applicants of the exam should be very determined to study because the competition is really high.

Some questions are given below from Previous year papers of Oriental insurance AO exam. Solve them and match the answers then.

Question1. Six friends P, Q, R, S, T and U are sitting around a circle table facing towards centre. The angle made at the centre of the circle by a straight line from P and Q is 180°, from Q and R is 120°, from R and S is 180°, T is not sitting on the immediate left of R while R is not on the immediate right of P. On the basis of the above information which of the following statements is definitely true?

(1) R is sitting between P and S.

(2) T is sitting between P and U.

(3) Q is sitting between S and U.

(4) T and R are sitting opposite each other.

Question2. There are 6 sentences given in below 1,6 is given already & rest are jumbled. Find & arrange them in correct order.

S1: It is said that deep down people are alike.

S6: People differ in intelligence, personality, emotional display, values, priorities and the like.

 P: However in the broadest sense we can say people are all alike.

Q: This statement is essentially false.

R: But the individual differences are far more illuminating.

S: For instance, it’s true that people all have attitudes, likes and dislikes, feelings and similar attributes.

The proper sequence should be:

(a) Q R S P

(b) S P Q R

(c) Q P S R

(d) S R Q P

Question3. S1: Love for the country is a necessity.

S6: God created the globe, but man drew lines of hatred and enmity on it.

P: Similarly nationalism has to be sacrificed at the altar of internationalism.

Q: But it should in no way exceed the limits and take the shape of jingoism.

R: Provincialism has to be sacrificed in the interest of the nation as a whole.

S: There is no reason why the nations of the world cannot live together with harmony and peace.

The proper sequence should be:

(a) P R Q S

(b) Q S P R

(c) P S Q R

(d) Q R P S

The full set of OICL AO Last Year papers can be attained from the table given below. The candidates should practice for the exam in the same way they will attempt the exam paper. Oriental Insurance AO Exam Papers will surely help you in better preparations. The questions in which you lag behind will be focused more then.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4

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