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NICL Administrative Officer Finance Sample Papers are being provided below as per which the applicants of the exam can prepare well for exam. NICL AO Finance Model papers will contain the questions along with answers to be prepared for the exam. It is important to study theoretically the concepts and then practicing them is all the way different. So, solved sample papers of NICL AO Finance will help you to get the idea of how questions come in the exam.

Here are some NICL AO Finance solved sample papers provided as per which it will easy to prepare for exam.

Q1: Liquidator is appointed by-

Creditors & members

Q2: Which of the following is not a preferential creditors:

  1. All sum due to employee from a provident fund, pension fund, gratuity fund or any other fund maintain for welfare of employee.
  2. Compensation under workmen’s compensation act.
  3. Amount due under employee state insurance act for 12 months previous to the winding up
  4. Amount due to employee under amalgamation or reconstruction

Q3: Which of the following expenses is not included in acquisition cost of planet and equipment?

  1. Cost of site preparation
  2. Delivery & handling charges
  3. Installation costs
  4. Financing costs incurred subsequent to the period after planet and equipment is put to use.

Q4: Excess of paid up value of the shares over cost of investment is considered as:

  1. Goodwill
  2. Capital Reserve
  3. Minority Interest
  4. None of above

Q5: 17. Which of the following statements is false?

  1. a) Capital redemption reserve cannot be used for writing off miscellaneous expenses and losses
  2. b) Capital profit realized in cash can be used for payment of dividend
  3. c) Reserves created by revaluation of fixed assets are not permitted to be capitalized
  4. d) Dividend is payable on the calls paid in advance by shareholders.

Q6: The company has 2,500, 11% redeemable preference shares of Rs.100 each. These shares were due to be redeemed at a premium of 10%. The company has the following profits:

Profit prior to incorporate = Rs.40,000

Capital reserve = Rs.40,000

Securities premium = Rs.20,000

General Reserve = Rs.85,000

Profit and loss a/c = Rs.80,000

As the divisible profits income inadequate, the company issued the number amount of equity share of Rs.10 each at a discount of 10%. What were the numbers of shares issued?

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