NIACL Administrative Officer Previous Year Question Papers PDF

The New India Assurance Company Limited every year conducts a recruitment exam for Administrative Officer in which graduates take part. Most of the aspirants have confusion how to start preparation of the examination; well we are providing the right solution. You can download few NIACL AO Previous Year Question paper from our website and practice them thoroughly so that you can get an idea about New India Assurance Company Limited Administrative Officer Question paper & Format.

We suggest you to first check the syllabus & exam pattern cover your syllabus first and then after covering it to practice more & more question based on the NIACL AO Last year question papers. NIACL AO question papers we have provided mostly are memory based and as well as the actual questions, so we hope that you appreciate our efforts & keep on visiting our website for more exams.

Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word.

Qiestion1. Exorbitant

  1. Barbaric
  2. Counterfeit
  3. Moderate
  4. Famished

Question2. Humane

  1. Cruel
  2. Proud
  3. Cheerful
  4. Tranquil

Question3. Obsolete

  1. Heated
  2. Desolate
  3. Renovated
  4. Automatic

Question4. Suppress

  1. Stimulate
  2. Lengthen
  3. Abandon
  4. Smother

In the following sentences replace the words printed in bold with appropriate expression from the given alternative.

Question1. The rebels offered resistance for almost a month.

  1. Held over
  2. Held up
  3. Held out
  4. Held in

Question2. He generally overlooked the faults of his subordinates

  1. Passed out
  2. Passed by
  3. Passed through
  4. Passed over

Question. If the area cylindrical jar is increased by 25%. By what percent must the height be decreased so that there is no change in its volume?

  1. 18%
  2. 25%
  3. 32%
  4. 36%

Question. Four numbers are written in a row. The average of first two numbers is 7, the average of the middle two terms is 2.3 and the average of the last two numbers is 8.4. The average of first number and the last number is.

  1. 9
  2. 7
  3. 1
  4. Cannot be determined

Question. What is the difference between average production (in lakh tonners) of paper of the six companies in 2008 and average production of the same companies in 2007?

  1. 33
  2. 73
  3. 17
  4. 86

Question. A certain number of persons can complete a work in 100 days. If there be 10 persons less, it would have taken 10 days more for the work to be completed. The number of person in the beginning was

  1. 90
  2. 105
  3. 110
  4. 120

NIACL AO Previous Year Question Papers Download Now

Paper1  Paper2  Paper3  Paper4  Paper5  Paper6

NIACL Administrative Officer Scale I Exam Pattern & Syllabus CHECK HERE

NIACL Administrative Officer Exam Sample/ Model Question Paper CHECK NOW

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