MPPSC Dental Surgeon Exam Syllabus With Paper Scheme What to Prepare?

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Dental Surgeon Exam 2013 is being conducted for all the eligible candidates. MPPSC Dental Surgeon exam pattern & Syllabus is being detailed below as per which it will be possible to prepare and attempt the exam in best possible way. Exam Pattern & Syllabus of MPPSC Dental Surgeon is the first step of preparation of the exam. MPPSC Syllabus for Dental Surgeon includes all the basics of the field and some extra topics.

Exam Pattern: The written test will be multiple choice questions (objective type) from the respective field.

Total Questions: 120 (Each will of 3 marks)

Total Time: 2 Hours

Mode of exam: English

Exam Details: Part-A: Medical Subjects- 40 questions

                          Part-B: Dental Subjects- 80 questions

Exam Syllabus: In PART-A of the exam, the questions will be asked from following topics which all are very important as part of basics for the exam. Study well the following topics and prepare well for the exam-

Histology of Oral tissues, Basic chemistry & fate of hemoglobin, Detailed Anatomy & Osteology of Head & Neck, Arterial Supply & lymphatic drainage of the head & neck, Role of Calcium and vitamins in growth and development of oral tissues, study of cranial nerves, blood groups, WBC types, number, variations, function, formation, circulation, Dosage & mode of administration of drugs, Drugs acting on blood, anticoagulants, coagulants & hematinic, Congenital & rheumatic heart disease, Anemia, coagulation defects, bleeding diseases, Allergy, Pituitary gland, actions & abnormal function, inflammation, repair of wound, Hemorrhage, Immunity, Cardiovascular Drugs, Drug reactions, Biochemistry applied to Dental Science, Antiseptics, astringents, Medical emergencies in Dental practice

PART-B will include the questions from Dental field which includes topics such as-

Biological & mechanical considerations related to various types of dentures and allied prosthesis, Applied anatomy, physiology, biochemistry of the Periodontium, Characteristics of periodontal diseases, etiology, pathogenesis and microbiology, Periodontal Therapeutics, Surgical aspects of Periodontics, Traumatic periodontal disturbances, uses and various types of membranes, Public health aspects of Periodontal diseases, Endodontic procedures for re-implantation of teeth and fundamentals of surgical procedures for re-implantation of teeth, Basics of laser, types & uses in dentistry, Various types of bone grafts & their uses, History and rationale of conservative procedures, Pathologic and non-pathologic lesions of the hard tissues of the teeth, Immunity, knowledge of organisms, diseases of oral cavity, advanced knowledge of etiology diagnosis, treatment and prevention, Inter relationship of periodontal with other dental or clinical disciplines, Surgical Anatomy to approach various organ, like mandible maxilla & T.M.J., Metastasis, infections, Modern development & advanced knowledge of restorative materials, Conservative dentistry in relation to other branches of dentistry including geriatric dentistry, Modern biological & mechanical concept, Guided bone regeneration, Dental caries-detailed study of research, methods used in studying, Dental Caries & its prevention, History & rationale of endodontic procedures, Pulp and periapical pathology, pulp involved in teeth, Bacteriological investigations and intra coronal medication, Advanced knowledge of development of root canal instruments their sterilization and use. Advanced knowledge of restorative materials and operative procedures in endodontic, Etiology, treatment of fractured and traumatized teeth

Surgical procedures Malocclusion, Etiology of malocclusion, radiology and Cephalometry, Preventive & interceptive orthodontics, corrective orthodontics, development of orthodontics, histological changes related to orthodontics treatment, Systemic diseases with oral manifestation, Hematological, dermatological & neurological condition with oral manifestation, of Diseases and defects of oro facial region, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics problems, facial oral surgery in medically compromised patient, Salivary glands disorders, Hazards of radiation, occupational hazards, Epidemiology, Ethics , Dental council of India, Indian Dental Association, Radiological techniques of head & neck region including C.T. Scan, MRI & Dent scan, Congenital & hereditary disorders, Dental caries, traumatized teeth, problems of primary & mixed dentition, premature loss of teeth, mouth habits, stomatologic conditions, Study of principles of reactive & special techniques used for histopathology including principles of histo-chemistry as related to oral pathology, Advanced & histopathologic study of dental & oral tissues including embryologic consideration, oral cytology & oral biopsy procedures, Preventive Pedodontics- epidemiology, general and specific preventive measures, Psychology-Psychological development from birth to adolescence, Management of child in Dental office, Forensic dentistry, Concept of prevention level & application of various preventive measures at individual and mass level preventive programme in dentistry, purification of water, Importance of nutrition on health, common disorders related to nutritional deficiencies, Disposal of wastes, pollution & radiation hazards

The topics which seem relevant and important for the Dental Surgeon to study are the minimum which are to be prepared for the exam. So, go through all the topics as are studied by you in educational sector and give the best in exam.

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