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MPPSC District Malaria Officer Exam Syllabus & Scheme For Preparation

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) District Malaria Officer Exam-2012 is being conducted for the recruitment process. The exam is a written mode exam for which the exam pattern & syllabus is being described below. MPPSC Malaria Officer Exam Scheme & Syllabus details are mentioned below; follow them and make a schedule to study for the exam. This will help you to achieve better scores in the exam paper.

MPPSC Malaria Officer Exam Pattern: Written test (objective type) will contain 100 questions which will be 2 marks each.

Total Time Awarded: 2 Hours

The exam paper will contain the following-

Part-A:  Zoology will contain 70 questions

Part-B   Zoology (Entomology) will contain30 questions

MPPSC Malaria Officer Exam Syllabus: The questions will contain the following topics-


Unit-1 (Insect head types their habit and habitat, mouth parts & feeding behavior, structures & function of antennae, Hypothetical wing venation)

Unit-2 (Structure of alimentary canal & Physiology of digestion, Malphighian tubules- anatomical organization, Structure of cuticle & pigment, Sclerotisation & tanning of the cuticle)

Unit-3 (Structure of compound eye, Cellular elements in the haemolvmph, Structure of circulatory system,  Cell mediated and humoral immunity)

Unit-4 (Sound Production in insect, Pheromones, Embryonic membranous up to the formation of blastoderm, Structure & function of endocrine glands)

Unit-5 (Important pest of Soybean, Modern concept of pest management, Metamorphosis, Insecticide effects on CNS)


  • Molecules and their Interactions
  • Cellular Organization
  • Diversity of Life Forms
  • Ecological Principles
  • Evolution and Behavior
  • Developmental Biology
  • Structure and Functions of Invertebrates
  • Structure and Functions of Lower and Higher Vertebrates
  • Applied Biology
  • Fundamental Processes
  • Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
  • Methods in Biology
  • Inheritance Biology

Prepare for the exam in the well formed to cover all the basics of all the topics and have the idea of all kind of questions for exam. MPPSC exam is competitive paper and so the preparations are to be done in right way.

For full detailed syllabus, DOWNLOAD

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