Indian Astronauts Name List People In Space from India

There has been no long list of people who have travelled to space from India. Out of long list, there are 3 great personalities who have marked their milestone in travelling to space. Their works have been appreciated always and will always be remembered by everyone.

Kalpana Chawla

She was the first Indian woman who went to space. She was the American astronaut who flew firstly on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997. Their she worked as mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator. She started working at NASA.

On February 1, 2003, she died along with 6 other crew members. This happened because of disintegration of Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas when it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

She was awarded with Congressional Space Medal of Honor for all her achievements.

Ravish Malhotra

Ravish Malhotra is now a retired Air Commodore of Indian Air Force and is currently in Lahore (Pakistan). He has been awarded Kirti Chakra in 1984. Ravish has always worked the best for the India air armed forces. He was Air Force test pilot at a test centre in Bangalore. Followed, he was the Air Officer commanding of Hindon Air Force Station near Delhi.

He is a highly experienced Wing commander and has marked well the expectations. He was chosen to undergo training in Russia for Indo-Soviet Space mission in 1984. With his determination the training schedule was successfully completed.

Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma is a former Indian Air Force pilot who has worked really hard and has left a milestone after his work. He is the hero of soviet union. There was Intercosmos programme in 1984, in which Soyuz T-11 was launched which was flown by Rakesh Sharma.

He is the man to travel space from India. He joined Air force at the very earlier age of 18. Followed by it he went to National Defence Academy.  He has been awarded with Hero of Soviet Union award when he returned from space. He also has been given Ashoka Chakra award.

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