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KTET Last Year Question Papers

Kerala TET Previous Question Papers

Kerala teacher Eligibility Test (KTET) exam is organized for the recruitment of teachers in the schools of Kerala state. KTET Previous Papers which can help you to prepare better for exam. It is important to practice more and more before exam so that you have confidence in writing the questions in exam. Secondly, you will be able to solve the questions in lesser time.

The KTET Exam is to select the qualified teachers for lower primary, upper primary and high schools. The KTET Exam is being conducted differently for each category of classes. KTET Exam is being conducted by Pareeksha Bhavan, Kerala.

KTET EXAM Schedule-

KTET I: Lower Primary ClassesKTET Question Papers PDF Download

KTET II: Upper Primary Classes

KTET III: High School Classes

KTET IV: Special Subject Teachers

Each category of KTET Exam will be 2.5 hours duration approx with 150 Multiple Choice Questions of 1 mark each.

KTET Previous Year Question Papers

The Kerala TET Exam Previous Papers download link are searched by the applicants when they get notification for the exam. There is a goal for every person in life and for that they prepare really hard. Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test for different classes so that the students are provided the best education for their life long career in the Kerala. The candidates of Kerala state can now download the previous papers to get their knowledge increased for the exam and accordingly prepare well for the KTET Exam.


The TET exam is being conducted differently in each state and the candidates need the previous papers to refer forKTET Last Year Question Papers their preparation. The Kerala TET exam solved papers will be made available on this page so that the applicants who wish the teaching career can get them and prepare the level best for the exam. Kerala TET Question Papers are the source of the knowledge for the questions. There are different sections of the paper and with these exam papers the applicants can know about the howabouts of preparation.

KTET Previous year question paper with answers can be used in the very useful manner. Do, be determined and prepare well for the exam.


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  1. prasad amudalapalli says:

    please send me ibps clerk previous papers for last 3years

    1. Hi,
      Papers are sent to your ID, please check

      1. Ummulhind says:

        Please sent last year’s question papers with answer key

        1. ANNA JAISON says:

          Please sent me KTET Category 3 question papers .

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        1. gincy tennison says:

          please send ktet sample question papers with answerkey for category 3

      7. Nayana N Nair says:

        Hai ,ktet previous qn papers category 2 and category 3 (english) from 2012 to 2019 engane kittum.plzz help

      8. Please send ktet category 3 mathematics question s and answers

  2. NEERAJA.M.S says:

    what is the password to open the question paper?

      1. lijuvijayan says:

        Can I get K-TET Sanskrit upsa (1:7) question papers?

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      3. Pls send me Ktet cat-1 previous year question papers……

    1. How open the question paper.

  3. Shivakumar says:

    How to open this protected KERALA TET EXAM PAPER LAST YEAR WIN RAR file??

  4. greeshma od says:

    please sent me category 3 mathematics kerala TET exam previous year question papers and answer keys

  5. Is yet needed for promotion from up school to HS

  6. i want to attend the K-TET. so i want the previous years questions

  7. Sinoj george says:


  8. What is the Password to extract this file

  9. Asking password to open the rar file

  10. please send me KTET previous question Papers with answers cat 3 physical Science


    KTET Question paper

  12. ELDOSE GEORGE says:


    1. ELDOSE GEORGE says:

      iam waiting for your reply

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  14. I have downloaded the previous question paper for ktet, but it is asking for a password to open this pdf document please send me the password.

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      1. Plz sent previous year KTET category 2 question papers and answers

  16. Please provide the password for the kerala TET last years exam paper.help me please

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  18. Sajitha.p.ummer says:

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  20. Pl sent KTET Category 3 last 4 years solved question papers

    1. Pls sent previous question paper and ans (cat 4)

  21. password of rar file ??

    1. Hi Ajay,
      The password is: questionpaperz.in


      2. can you send me questions in PDF file to my email

  22. Pls send the Part III Main Malayalam Q&A for last 3yrs of KTET

  23. SHEEBA saiju says:

    Please sent me cat3 mathematics prvs yrs an papers please

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    Please see the category III Physical science previous years question papers

  41. Valsaraj M says:

    Please send previous year K-tet question and answers(category 1 & 2 )

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  43. I want cat 4 music question papers

  44. Raji K Bhaskar says:

    Pls send previous question papers with answer key ( ktet(catagory II & III) from 2013 to 2016)

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  46. Please Provide Solved Questian Papers for the category 1 and 2

  47. Shijo Thomas says:

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    Please send me the Kerala TET previous year question paper category 3 English from 2013 – 2016.

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    Kindly send K-Tet question Papers&Answers catogery 1st & 2nd

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      P lease please am waiting for that

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    Kindly send K-TET question papers with answer keys 1& 2 catogery from 2014-2017

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