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Karnataka Common Entrance Test or KCET is the exam conducted in the state for the selection of candidates for the different degree programmes in reputed colleges. KCET Physics Paper is one of the subjects and below are some sample questions which have come in the previous year Papers of KCET Phsyics. This not only helps you to get & know your level of preparation, as you all know day by day question papers are formulated tough as huge number of candidates attend these exams. Well we have provided you the Karnataka CET previous year question papers with answer key so that you can solve & check your answers.

Question1. The Physical quantity having the same dimensions as Planck’s constant h is?

  1. Boltzmann constant
  2. Force
  3. Linear momentum
  4. Angular momentum

Question2. When light is incident on a diffraction grating the zero order principal maximum will be…

  1. One of the component colors
  2. Absent
  3. Spectrum of the colors
  4. White

Question3. H-polaroid is prepared by…

  1. Stretching polyvinyl alcohol and then heated with dehydrating agent
  2. Stretching polyvinyl alcohol and then impregnating with iodine
  3. Orenting herpathite crystal in the same direction in nitrocellulose
  4. By using thin tourmaline crystals

Question4. Out of following four dimensional quantities, which one qualifies to be called a dimensional constant?

  1. Acceleration due to gravity
  2. Surface tension of water
  3. Weight of a standard kilogram mass
  4. The velocity of light in vacuum

Question5. From the top of the tower two stones, whose masses are in ratio 1:2 are thrown- one straight up with an initial speed u and the second straight down with the same speed u. Then neglecting air resistance…

  1. The heavier stone hits the ground with higher speed
  2. The lighter stone hits the ground with higher speed
  3. Both the stones will have the same speed when they hit the ground
  4. The speed can’t determine with the given data

Question6. A student unable to answer a question on newton law of motion attempts to pull himself up by tugging on his hair. He will not succeed…

  1. As the force exerted is small
  2. The frictional force while gripping, is small
  3. Newton’s law of inertia is not applicable to living beings
  4. As the force applied is internal to the system

Question7. A truck accelerates from speed v to 2v. Work done during this is…

  1. Three times as the work done in accelerating it from rest to
  2. Same as the work done in accelerating it from rest to
  3. Four times as the work done in accelerating it from rest to
  4. Less than the work done in accelerating it from rest to

Question8. Pick out the Wrong statement from the following

  1. Lateral shift increases as the angle of incidence increases.
  2. Lateral shifts increases as the value of refractive index increases.
  3. Normal shifts decreases as the value of refractive index increases.
  4. Both normal shifts and lateral shifts are directly proportional to thickness of the medium.

KCET Physics Papers download for the last years from below and get all set of questions to practice for the examination.


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