Karnataka CET Chemistry Previous Year Papers Download PDF

KEA Karnataka Common Entrance Test KCET- Chemistry Previous year question papers help to know all the type of questions that come in the exam. Below are the some questions for Chemsitry paper which have come already in the exam papers. You can practice the following questions and the related ones to prepare in the best way for the exam.

Question1. The cooling in refrigerator is due to…

  1. Reaction of the refrigerator gas
  2. Expansion of the ice
  3. The expansion of the gas in the refrigerator
  4. The work of the compressor

Question2. The temperature of the system decreases in a…

  1. Adiabatic compression
  2. Isothermal compression
  3. Isothermal expansion
  4. Adiabatic expansion

Question3. Which of these does not influence the rate of reaction?

  1. Nature of the reactants
  2. Concentration of the reactants
  3. Temperature of the reaction
  4. Molecularity of the reaction

Question3. The rate at which a substance reacts depends on its…

  1. Atomic weight
  2. Atomic number
  3. Molecular weight
  4. Active mass

Question4. The extent of the adsorption of gas on a solid depends on…

  1. Nature of the gas
  2. Pressure of the gas
  3. Temperature of the gas
  4. All are correct

Question5. Gold is extracted by hydrometallurgical process, based on its property…

  1. Of being electropositive
  2. Of being less reactive
  3. To form complexes which are water soluble
  4. To form salts which are water soluble

Question6. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

  1. During roasting moisture is removed from the ore.
  2. The ore is freed from almost all nonmetallic impurities.
  3. Calcination of the ore is carried out in the absence of any blast of air.
  4. The concentration zinc blende is subjected to calcination during its extraction by pyro metallurgy.

Question7. Which of these is NOT TRUE for benzene?

  1. There are three carbon-carbon single bonds and three carbon-carbon double bonds.
  2. It forms only one type of the monosubstituted product.
  3. The bond angle between carbon-carbon bonds is 120 degree.
  4. Heat of hydrogenation of benzene is less than the theoretical value.

Question8. The fellow precipitate formed during the chromyl chloride test is chemically…

  1. Chromic acid
  2. Lead chromate
  3. Lead acetate
  4. Sodium chromate

Question9. Which of the following DOES NOT involve coagulation?

  1. Clotting of blood by the use of ferric chloride.
  2. Formation of delta region.
  3. Treatment of drinking water by potash alum.

To get the full set of questions download PDF given below for the KCET Chemistry Previous year Papers and practice them at the best level.

KCET Chemistry previous Year Papers DOWNLOAD

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