Karnataka CET Biology Question Papers PDF With Solutions Download

Karnataka Common Entrance Test KCET-Biology Previous Year Question papers are provided here for the applicants of the exam. The biology paper which is the part of Karnataka CET Exam can be used to practice more about the exam. We have given some of the question try to solve them & then download the rest KCET Biology Previous Papers, after downloading them try not to solve them immediately, first try to cover all the syllabus, so that you have an idea from which part this question is coming. Also try to see Karnataka CET Bio exam pattern to know the weight-age of the marks. If any problem you face then just put a comment below & like us on FB for more updates daily.

Question1. Bacterial Photosynthesis involves

  1. PS I only
  2. PS II only
  3. Both PS I & PS II
  4. Either PS I & PS II

Question2. One of the following is not the types of blood groups or blood factors…

  1. ABO and Rh
  2. Rh and MN
  3. Lewis and Duffy
  4. Buffs and Kips

Question3. Gynaecomastia is the symptom of….

  1. Turner’s Syndrome
  2. Klinefelter’s Syndrome
  3. Down Syndrome
  4. SARS

Question3. The term ecology was coined by…

  1. Munch
  2. Odum
  3. Reiter
  4. Transley

Question4. Which of the following statements is right?

  1. Diatoms produce basidiospores.
  2. Hetercysts are found in Nostoc.
  3. Fronds are found in Bryophytes.
  4. Multiciliate sperms are found in Angiosperms

Question5. The term species was coined by

  1. John Ray
  2. Linnaeus
  3. Aristotle
  4. Engler

Question6. The most unstable RNA is

  1. Messenger RNA
  2. Soluble RNA
  3. Ribosomal RNA
  4. Heterogeneous nuclear RNA

Question7. Choose the right one which denotes genetic diversity.

  1. Chromosomes—Nucleotides—Genes—Individuals—Populations.
  2. Populations—Individuals—Chromosomes—Nucleotides—genes
  3. Genes—Nucleotides– Chromosomes— Individuals—Populations
  4. Nucleotides—Genes—Chromosomes– Individuals—Populations

Question8. Read the Statements (A) and (B). Choose the right one.

  • Synthesis of mRNA takes place in 5’- 3’ direction.
  • Reading of mRNA is always in 3’- 5’ direction.
  1. Both the statements are wrong
  2. Statement (A) is wrong and (B) is correct
  3. Statement (A) is correct and (B) is wrong
  4. Both (A) & (B) are correct

Question9. Read the Statements (C) and (D). Choose the right one.

  • Women are at peak of conception on the 14th day of ovulation.
  • Vasectomy is the method normally employed to avoid conception in.
  • Both the statements are wrong
  • Statement (C) is wrong and (D) is correct
  • Statement (C) is correct and (D) is wrong
  • Both (C) & (D) are correct

Download the full set of questions of KCET Biology now so as to get the full idea of the examination type. The practice of questions for the exam will help you to make yourself more confident about exam paper.

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