Karnataka 2nd PUC Statistics Old Question Papers PDF

Every year most of the students choose to do their 12th class from Arts stream, in which statistics is one of the important part. So this post is about Karnataka 2nd PUC statistics previous year question papers. Students search for Karnataka 12th class statistics question paper after they complete their preparation of the syllabus. Statistics is one of the subject which requires more efforts as it consists of numerical which face problems for students. So students prepare hard for this exam. You can download the following paper given below. We wish you all the best, do give the examination with no fear and yes remember to manage your time well in the examination hall. Also try out few questions given below.

Question 1. Write the ‘probability mass function’ of a Bernoulli distribution with range.

Question 2. What is ‘Standard error’ and ‘Inventory’?

Question 3.  Calculate standard error (p1-p2):

Given p1=0.86, p2=0.90, n1=40 and n2=38

Question 4. In an x2 distribution if n=6, find ‘Mode’ and ‘Variance’.

Question 5. Calculate E.O.Q. given D = 5000 units/month, C1 = Rs.10/month, C3 =Rs. 200/month.

Question 6. Explain steps involved in the construction of ‘consumer price index number’.

Question 7.  The cost of a machine is Rs. 6,000. The following given data collected in running the machine:

YEARS 1 2 3 4 5
Resale value 3200 1800 1000 500 300
Cost of maintenance 800 1000 1400 2000 2500

Determine when it is profitable to replace the machine.

Question 8. A machine produces 5 defective articles among 80. After some repair the machine produced 3 defective articles among 60. Test whether the proportion of defective articles have reduced after repair, at 5% level of significance.

Question 9. A sample of 50 children is taken from a school. The average weight of the children is 28 KGs and standard deviation is 5 KGs. Test 1%level of significance, if we can assume that the average weight of school children is less than 30 KGs.

We have provided you the best information about the questions asked in the examination in case for any query you can comment in the section given below like us on Facebook or Google+ for more info.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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