Karnataka 2nd PUC Political Science Question Papers Download

Political Science is one of the most important subjects to arts stream. As political science is based on the political parties so students face problem. Sometimes it creates a huge hindrance in the mind of students.  So this post is about Karnataka 2nd PUC political science previous year question papers. Students search for Karnataka 12th class political science. Question paper after they complete their preparation of the syllabus. So students prepare well for this exam and work hard for this. As practice makes us perfect. You can download the following paper given below.

Below are some questions of political science field which have been part of exam once. Likewise the candidates can download the Karnataka 12th Political Science Previous Papers given at the end of this page.

Question1. Discuss Ambedkar’s contribution towards the upliftment of depressed classes.

Question 2. Write a brief note on the national leader whom you like.

Question 3. Explain the functions of union public service commission.

Question 4.  Explain any five functions of pressure groups.

Question 5 Communalism is a threat to Indian democracy. Explain it in five points.

Question 6. Explain the contribution of Dr. BR Ambedkar in the formation of the constitution of India.

Question 7. Explain the role and responsibilities of opposition parties in India.

Question 8. Write a note on kannada Rajyotsava recently celebrated in you college.

Question 9. Write a note on special lecture conducted on political science in your college.

Question 10. Illiteracy is a greater challenges to Indian Democracy. Discuss.

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Paper 1 Paper 2

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