Karnataka 2nd PUC Physics Question Papers Download

Physics is one of the most important subjects affiliated to science stream and most of the students face difficulty in this subject. As physics is based on the equations and some typical topics so students face problem. Sometimes it creates a huge hindrance in the mind of students.  So students prepare well for this exam and work hard for this. As practice makes us perfect. You can download the following paper given below. Karnataka 12th Board Physics Previous Year Question Papers will help you to study better for the exam.

Question 1. Mention any two differences between Fresnel and Fraunhoffer diffractions.

Question 2. Calculate the electrostatic force between to point charges of 1nC each, when separated by a distance of 1m in air.

Question 3. Write the expression for the force experienced by a charges particle moving in a magnetic field. When does this force become maximum?

Question 4. Derive the expression of radius of nth stationary orbit of hydrogen atom.

Question 5. The first member of the Balmer series of hydrogen atom has wavelength of 656.3nm. Calculate the wavelength and frequency of the second member of the same series. Given C =3X108 m/s

Question 6. Using Huygen’s wave theory of light, show that the angel of incidence is equal to angel of reflection in case of reflection of a plane wave by a plane surface.

Question 7. Draw the ray diagram to construct an image when an object is placed between the principal focus and pole of a concave mirror.

Question 8. ABC is a triangle with sides AB= 3m, BC= 4m and LABC = 90o charges of + 9 nC and – 16 nC are placed at corners A and C respectively. Find the magnitude and direction of electric intensity at the corner B.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Physics Question Papers from below can be used for further preparations.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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