KAR 12th Board Geography Previous Year Question Paper Download

Every year most of the students choose to do their 12th class from Arts stream, in which geography is one of the important part. So this post is about Karnataka 2nd PUC geography previous year question papers. Students search for Karnataka 12th class geography question paper after they complete their preparation of the syllabus. Geography is one of the subject which is based on the planet earth and various surroundings.  So to score good marks students must have complete information about their surroundings and various important thing about our country India. So it doesn’t require more efforts but some students face difficult in learning out the things. So students prepare hard for this exam. You can download the following paper given below. Remember to manage your time well in the examination hall. The questions given below have been part of previous examinations. But, for full set of papers look at bottom of page.

Question 1. What is conservation of forest ‘? What are the measure taken for the protection and preservation of forests?

Question 2. What are the reasons for the shortage of hydroelectricity? What are the methods for conservation of energy resources? Explain.

Question 3. Explain the significance and distribution of software industry in India.

Question 4. Explain the reason of landslide?

Question 5. Write the difference between north Indian rivers and south Indian rivers?

Question 6. Mention the importance of crop rotation?

Question 7. Name the major earthquakes zone in India?

Question 8. Explain the location, extend, size of India?

Question 9  Explain out the physical factors of diversity  in India?

Question 10 mention  the geographical conditions  required for sugarcane cultivation?

Question 11 draw on the outline map of India mark and name the following:

  1. River kaveri
  2. Mumbai
  3. Circar
  4. 82 and half E altitude
  5. Aravali mountains.
  6. Jamshedpur
  7. Kavaratti
  8. ankaleshwar
Paper 1 Paper 2

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