Karnataka 12th Board English Previous Question Paper Download PDF

Karnataka 2nd PUC English previous year question papers are provided for the best preparation of this year papers. Students search for Karnataka 12th class English question paper after they complete their preparation of the syllabus. English is one of the subject which is easy as it’s a language subject. So as good your English is this subject is that easy for you. But then also it is not that much scoring. So, students prepare hard for this exam. You can download the KAR 12th Board English Papers from end of this post so that you have the idea of how the preparation has to be done.

Question 1. Tansukh could not get a wink of sleep because

  1. He was planning to cheat the buyers and sellers.
  2. He was taking into account how much sin he had committed
  3. He couldn’t get any customer that day.

Question 2. Who shaped the future of Rukmini Devi Arundale in her dance career?

Question 3. In the poem “The House By The Side Of Road” the phrase “Te Mountains Of Wearisome Height” suggests.

  • Hardships of life
  • Joyous moments of life
  • Both joyous and sorrowful moments of life.

Question 4. How do the children grow to become independent in “Life’s beginning”?

Question 5. How does the poem “The Travel Bureau” bring out the colourful and musical qualities of the lady’s professional life?

Question 6. Describe the developments after Blandford met the woman well past.

Question 7. The road stands for activity and life and the speaker wants to be a part of it”. How is this idea presented in the poem,” The house by the side of the road’.

Question 8. The glass tree built by Melkkorn has the glitter, but lacks the radiance of life.” Critically examine this statement with reference to “Unni Katha”

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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