Karnataka 2nd PUC Biology Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Biology is one of the most important subjects affiliated to science stream and most of the students usually score good marks in this subject with little efforts. As biology is based on the living organisms so students score well. So this post is about Karnataka 2nd PUC biology previous year question papers. Students search for Karnataka 12th class biology question paper after they complete their preparation of the syllabus. You can download the following paper given below.

Qusetion1. What is parthenogenesis?  Name an animal showing this?

Question2. Differentiate between

  • Incomplete dominance and co dominance.
  • Phellem and Phelloderm
  • Microsporogenesis and Megasporogenesis

Question 3.Draw a neat labelled diagram of:

  • Antibody molecule
  • Sparged stirred tank bioreactor.
  • Hydathode
  • Parenchyma Tissue

Question 4. Write the pedigree analysis chart for Myotonic dystrophy. Mention the importance of pedigree.

Question 5. Describe the roles of:

  • Microbes in biogas production
  • Mycorrhiza as biofertility.

Question 6. Describe the participation of people in the conservation of forests in India by taking Bishnoi community incident and Chipko movement as examples. Add a note on Joint Forest Management.

Question 7. Give reasons for the following:

  • Prokaryotic genes are longer than eukaryotic genes
  • AUG is initation codon.
  • In plant passive absorption of water takes place during daytime.

Question 8. What is genetic code? Explain any four of its characteristics features.

Question 9. Explain cyclic photophosphorylation with a schematic representation

Question 10. Give reasons for the following:

  • Nucleotide ratio in RNA is highly variable
  • DNA replication is semi- conservative
  • In open field, plants show high rate of transpiration
  • Overmanuring without water results in wilting and death of plant.
  • Yeast cells consume less glucose molecules in the presence of oxygen.
Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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