KAR 2nd PUC Sociology Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF

Sociology is one of the most important subjects affiliated to arts stream and most of the students usually score good marks in this subject with little efforts. As sociology is based on the society so students score well. So this post is about Karnataka 2nd PUC sociology previous year question papers. Students search for Karnataka 12th class sociology question paper after they complete their preparation of the syllabus. Sociology is one of the subject which is very scoring so put your efforts. You can download Kar 2nd PUC Sociology papers given below. We wish you all the best, do give the examination with best efforts and with proper time management. Also try out few questions given below.

Question 1.What is Pakka food and National Integration.

Question 2.mention any two effects of corruption on society.

Question 3. Discuss any five problems confronting women in modern India.

Question 4. Analyse the functional changes of Joint family in India.

Question 5. Discuss the achievement of women in various fields in modern India.

Question 6. Write a note on the contribution of social reform movement to bring social change in 19th century.

Question 7. Explain the brief history of backward classes movement in Karnataka.

Question 8. Describe the working condition of child labour in India.

Question 9.  Explain the salient features of India Social Structure.

Question 10.  Explain the impact of Buddhist culture on India society.

We have provided you the best information about the questions asked in the examination in case for any query you can comment in the section given below like us on Facebook or Google+ for more info.

Paper 1 Paper 2

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