Karnataka 2nd PUC Maths Previous Question Papers

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects affiliated to arts and science stream and most of the students usually face lot of problems in this subject. As this subject requires a lot of practice and the concepts are typical. So this post is about Karnataka 2nd PUC Mathematics previous year question papers. You can download the following paper given below. We wish you all the best, do give the examination with no fear and yes remember to manage your time well in the examination hall. Also try out few questions given below.

Question1. Solve by cramer’s rule:

x + y = 7

2x + y =8

Question 2. A can finish a job in 18 days and B can do the same job in 15 days. B worked for 10 days and left the job. In how many days, A alone can finish the remaining work.

Question 3. A company requires 200 hours to produce the first ten units at Rs.10 per hour. If the learning effect is 90%, find the total number of hours required to produce 320 units and also the total cost to produce 320 units.

Question 4. Find the equation of the circle passing through the points (5, 1) and (3, 4) with it’s center on the x-axis.

Question 5. If y= emtan-1x  then show that

(1+x2)2y2+ 2x (1+x2)y1 – m2y =0

Question 6.  State and prove the De Moivre’s theorem for all rational indices.

Question 7. If the radius of a sphere is measured as 9cm with an error, 0.03cm, then find the appropriate error in calculating its volume

Question 8. A die is thrown. If E is the event ‘the number appearing is a multiple of 3’ and F is the event ‘the number appearing is even’, then find whether E and F are independent.

Question 9. From the differential equation of the family of circles touching the y- axis at origin.

Question 10. Find the Cartesian and vector equation of the line that passes through the points (3,-2,-5) and (3, -2, 6)

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4

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