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Jharkhand SSC Junior Engineer JE (CIVIL) Mains Exam Syllabus & Pattern

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) Junior Engineer (Civil) Recruitment Exam is being conducted for the candidates selection.

Exam Pattern– MCQs will be asked in the exam paper from the sections-

General Engineering paper in which 120 questions will be there of 360 marks and the time 2 Hours will be allotted

Civil Engineering paper in which 180 questions will be there of 540 marks and the time 3 Hours will be allotted

Exam Syllabus- The syllabus details for both the papers is given below-

For General Engineering, there are several sections from which the questions are asked which include-

CIVIL- Building materials, Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics, irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Structural- Theory of Structures, Concrete Technology, RCC Design and Steel Design

ELECTRICAL- Basic Concepts, Synchronous Machines, Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Utilization and Electrical Energy, Electrical machines, Induction Motors

MECHANICAL- Hydraulic Turbines, Classification of steels, Dynamics of ideal fluids, Turbines, IC Engine Combustion, IC Engine Cooling, Refrigeration Plant, Law of Thermodynamics, Air standard cycle for I Engines, Properties of Pure Substances

For Civil Engineering, the main subjects have to be studied which are of Civil field. The details of the subjects are-

Building Materials (Physical and Chemical properties, timber and wood based products, Laminates, Bituminous Materials, Paints, Varnishes, Silicate based materials, Uses and manufacture)

Estimating, Costing and Valuation (Estimate, glossary of technical terms, analysis of rates, flooring, plastering, simpson’s rule, salvage value, assessed value, depreciation and obsolescence, methods of valuation, water tank, septic tank, center line method, mid section formula, RCC work, timber work)

Surveying (Principles, measurement of distance, prismatic compass, methods of contouring, uses of contour map, refraction, tachometric survey, curve setting, advanced surveying equipments)

Soil Mechanics (Origin of Soil, Standard Penetration Test, Active & passive Earth pressure, Principles of consolidation, coefficient of permeability, grain size distribution, unit weights, Unconfined and confined acquifers, sear test, plasticity chart)

Hydraulics (Pumps and Turbines, bernoulli’s theorem, flow through pipes, weirs, spillways)

Irrigation Engineering (Major irrigation projects in india, definition of flood, methods of flood control, water logging, canal irrigation, losses of water in canals, overlap allowance, Shallow and deep tube wells, lacey’s theory of uniform flow)

Transportation Engineering (highway Engineering cross sectional elements, points and crossings, traffic signs and marketing, road safety, intersection and interchanges, engineering components of permanent wall sleepers, track geometry, points and crossings, rigid pavement joint)

Environmental Engineering (Quality of water, air pollution, noise pollution, oval sewer, sewer appurtenances, surface water drainage, need of sanitation)

Structural Engineering (Elasticity, Moment of area and moment of inertia, torsion of circular section, channel and compound section, dams and retaining walls, eccentric loads)

Concrete Technology (Properties, Maintenance of concrete structures, quality control of concrete, hot weather, old weather concreting, water cement ratio)

RCC Design (RCC beam flexural strength, one way and 2 way slabs, reinforced brick works, staircases, retaining, water tanks)

Steel Design (Steel Design, Construction of steel columns/ beams/ roof/ plate/ girders)


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  1. Tell me about main exm ..1st paper as civil engineering. I want to know, will we solve civil, electrical mechanical all questions or only my field

  2. Jb koi infirmation rahta hi nahi h to likhte kyu ho

    1. u have any solved question papers of civil je ae

  3. Avdhesh Upadhyay says:

    When is going to be the Mains Exam

  4. Aman kumar says:

    Respected sir please tell us something about non technical paper.

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