JKPSC KAS Combined Competitive Prelims Statistics Old Papers

JKPSC CCE (Preliminary) Statistics subject is one of the 23 subjects which is being the part of JKPSC exam held for civil & administrative services. The JKPSC KAS Statistics exam paper has the questions from the field of Statistics which are to be studied by the applicants. The candidates who all apply for this subject need the full practice and preparation so as to score good marks in examination.

Q1: A class frequency by total frequency becomes-

  1. Relative Frequency
  2. Frequency Density
  3. Cumulative Frequency
  4. Conditional Frequency

Q2: BLUE stands for-

  1. Best Linear Uniform Estimator
  2. Best Likelihood Unbiased Estimator
  3. Bayes Linear Unbiased Estimator
  4. Best Linear Unbiased Estimator

Q3: In ascending order of efficiency, the following order of basic designs is true-

  1. CRD, LSD, RBD
  2. CRD, RBD, LSD
  3. RBD, CRD, LSD
  4. RBD, LSD, CRD

Q4: 2 way ANOVA is used in the analysis of-

  1. RBD
  2. CRD
  3. LSD
  4. All of the above

Jammu & Kashmir has a recruitment agency in the state named as Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission. It was brought into practice on 31st December, 1954 and no agency other than this is present in state. JKPSC is the main organizational body to select the candidates for the different purposes in the state. All the matters related to the recruitments are being consulted from JKPSC. It conducts departmental and various competitive examinations in the state for various needs and filter out selective candidates.

JKPSC CCE (Prelims) Statistics Papers can be attained and practice them at the best level so as to score good in the examination. Be focused on the syllabus of the exam.

JKPSC CCE Prelim Statistics Question Paper 2009 PDF

JKPSC CCE Prelim Statistics Question Paper 2010 PDF

JKPSC CCE Prelim Statistics Question Paper 2011 PDF

JKPSC CCE Prelim Statistics Question Paper 2012 PDF

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