JKPSC Combined Competitive Preliminary Political Science Previous Papers

The political Science paper of JKPSC Combined Competitive Preliminary paper will have the questions all related to political Science. The candidates who all choose this as a subject need to study the content related to political science so that they can solve each question in the paper.

Q1: An authoritarian state is one, in which-

  1. Guarantees conditions in which the individual can realize his true self
  2. Commands questioning obedience to authority of ruler
  3. Claims to regulate every sphere of individual’s life and activity
  4. Is a natural organization possessing a will of its own to promote the good life

Q2: According to Marx, 4 different types of societies emerged during course of human history. Which one of following is correct chronological order of emergence of those societies?

  1. Slave, Feudal, primitive Communism, capitalist
  2. Feudal, primitive Communism, slave, capitalist
  3. primitive Communism, slave, feudal, capitalist
  4. Communist, feudal, slave, socialist

Q3: Single Member constituency system means-

  1. A constituency having only one candidate
  2. Here can be only one voter in constituency
  3. A constituency which elects only 1 representative though there are many candidates
  4. A constituency having only 1 political party to contest election

Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission CCE (Preliminary) exam political science papers are made available on this page so that it is easy for candidates to prepare in better way for the examination. JKPSC CCE (Pre) Political Science Previous Papers will give you the idea on how and what to prepare for the examination. The questions will be conceptual based which should be studied properly.

JKPSC CCE Pre Political Science Previous Year Question Paper PDF

JKPSC CCE Prelim Political Science Paper 2 PDF

These will help you to improve political science skills and so you can score good in exam paper.

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