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Jammu & Kashmir has a recruitment body named as Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC). This recruiting body is responsible for various examinations in the state which are held for various fields. The candidates who all fulfill the eligible criteria apply for the particular examinations. The Combined Competitive Examination is conducted by Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission for the entry into the civil services in the state. JKPSC CCE is conducted into 2 stages- Main exam and preliminary exam. The applicants at start need to prepare for the Preliminary stage. The candidates who all are selected from preliminary stage then need to prepare for the mains exam.

The questions in the Philosophy exam are based on the topics of Philosophy. The basics of the subject need to be studied well. The Philosophy subject questions are the ones which are studied in this field education. The concepts have to be studied in the very proper way. The questions are objective type in the exam paper. The candidates need to mark the answers in the separate OMR sheet provided.

The questions from Philosophy are like-

Q1: Find out the fallacy-

  1. All planets are round
  2. All Wheels are round

Therefore, All wheels are planets

  1. Fallacy of undistributed middle
  2. Illicit major
  3. Illicit minor
  4. Fallacy of ambiguous major

Q2: A __________ is a letter, usually X, Y, Z used in such a way in a propositional function that by substituting certain expressions for it, we get a proposition-

  1. Term
  2. Referent
  3. Variable
  4. None of these

JKPSC KAS Philosophy Papers are made available below so that the candidates can download them and bring them into best practice. Be fully prepared for the examination and give the best shot.

JKPSC CCE (Prelims) Philosophy Papers 1 PDF

JKPSC CCE Philosophy Papers 2 PDF

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