JKPSC Combined Competitive Exam Law Old Papers Download PDF

JKPSC CCE (Prelims) Law papers are provided on this page so that the candidates can download them and bring them into better use by pert acting them

The questions based on Law are totally subjected to the concepts which include- Basics of Law, Judiciary events and notes, rules and regulations, rights and duties, case problems and many others. The law examination will contain the basic concepts based questions. So, the candidate need to arrange their schedule to study more and more about the examination. The questions will have to answered in the different answer sheet and so as to mark answers on it. There are total of 120 questions in the exam paper. This exam is conducted for the selection of candidates for the civil services in the state.

Sample Papers for Law Subject-

Ques 1: Identify Wring statement

  1. A legal right is and interest correlated with duties
  2. A legal right is recognized by State
  3. A legal write is enforceable
  4. A legal right is similar to natural height.

Ques 2: Due ot mental delution ‘A’ believed ‘B’ to be his enemy and killed B. In these the circumstances-

  1. ‘A’ will be convicted for murder
  2. ‘A’ will not be convicted for any offence as he was suffering frominsanity
  3. ‘A’ will be convicted for capable homicide
  4. ‘A’ will be convicted for rash and negligent

Download JKPSC CCPE Law Papers Download PDF 1     PDF 2

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