JKPSC CCPE History Previous Question Papers To Prepare For Exam

Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission conducts various recruitment papers for different fields so as to select the best candidates. Combined Competitive Preliminary Examination (CCPE) is being organized in different subjects. The applicants as per their interest and knowledge choose the subject for the examination. The Indian History subject is all based on the historical aspects which are being studied till the date from the schooling. The politics, historical events, historical issues, old issues, old events that are of mere importance etc.

JKPSC CCE (Pre) History Exam papers are being searched by the candidates who all choose History as their subject. The previous year papers for the subject can be attained and brought into practice in the best possible manner.

Q1: The Buddhist Order broke into Sthaviravadins and Mahasanghikas at the-

  1. First General Council
  2. Second General Council
  3. Third General Council
  4. Fourth general Council

Q2: Match the following-

  1. Alberuni                                           Padmavat
  2. Malik Mohammad Jaisi                   Haqaiq- I – Hindi
  3. Abdul Wahid Belgrami Kitab- Ul- Hind
  4. Ziauddin Barani   Tughlaq nama
  1. A- 3, B- 1, C- 2, D- 4
  2. A- 1, B- 2, C- 3, D- 2
  3. A- 3, B- 2, C- 1, D- 1
  4. A- 2, B- 1, C- 4, D- 3

Practice the questions based on historical events and you will surely be able to solve the exam paper in the best possible manner. The JKPSC KAS History Papers will help you to know much more about the syllabus and course of the examination. Be focused for the syllabus of the Indian History and practice more and more questions to get good score in the examination.

JKPSC Indian History Paper 1  Paper 2   Paper 3   Paper 4

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