JKPSC CCE (Preliminary) Electrical Engineer Previous Papers Download

Jammu & Kashmir PSC Combined Competitive Preliminary Exam (CCPE) is conducted for different subjects which include-

Economics, Civil Engineering, general Studies, Electrical Engineering, Agriculture, Physics, Political Science, Public Administration, Botany, Geology, Indian History, Sociology, Psychology and many others.

JKPSC CCE (Preliminary) Electrical Engineering exam paper will contain the questions from the basics of the electrical field. The candidates need to have the clear concepts of the electrical course which you have studied till now. Prepare the electrical syllabus in the best possible way so that you can leave each other applicant behind and show yourself.

The JKPSC CCPE Electrical Previous Papers contains all the questions that were asked in the electrical paper of CCE (Preliminary). The papers can be practiced and then accordingly improve upon your skills for the better knowledge. Prepare at the best so as to get the best marks. This exam will take you to civil services and administrative posts in Jammu & Kashmir.

The questions that are asked in the exam are of type-

Question 1: In DC Motors, The electric braking which consumes negative power is-

  1. Plugging
  2. Counter Current Braking
  3. Dynamic Braking
  4. Regenerative Braking

Question 2: Salient Pole Machines Have-

  1. Large number of poles and small length to diameter ratio
  2. Small number of poles and small length to diameter ratio
  3. Large number of poles and high length to diameter ratio
  4. Small number of poles and high length to diameter ratio

Question 3: The braking torque produced by permanent magnet in single phase energy meter is proportional to:

  1. Square of flux of permanent magnet
  2. Speed of meter
  3. Distance of permanent magnet from centre of revolving disc
  4. All of above

 JKPSC CCE Prelimin Electrical Engineer Previous Paper 1   Paper 2  Paper 3  Paper 4

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