JKPSC Combined Competitive Prelims Commerce Question Papers PDF

Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examination is conducted for different subjects including-

General Studies, Botany, Chemistry, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Geography, Geology, History, Electrical, Economics, Zoology, Statistics, Sociology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy, Law etc.

There are total of 120 questions in the exam paper. The questions are all multiple choice questions (MCQs) which are to be answered in the best way. The sample questions which are the part of the Commerce subject are-

Q1: Tournament Expenses should be-

  1. Posted as expenditure
  2. Deducted from tournament fund
  3. Recorded as deferred revenue expenditure
  4. Records as capital asset

Q2: The scope of interim audit falls within purview of-

  1. Internal control
  2. Partial Audit
  3. Efficiency Audit
  4. Final Audit

Q3: New issue market is concerned with-

  1. New securities
  2. Second Hand Securities
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

Q4: Functional Organization was first developed by-

  1. Military
  2. W. Taylor
  3. Henry Fayol
  4. Elton Mayo

So, you need to prepare the questions based on these type, which completely point to the Commerce section. Practice more and more papers so as to get the nice hand over the multiple choice questions. The questions are bit tricky and conceptual and so study properly.

JKPSC CCPE Commerce Previous Papers Download PDF

Download the given papers and get the knowledge about the topics which are to studied and then practice these papers to check upon yourself and then improve accordingly. The exam is important because it is conducted for the selection into the civil and administrative services. The competition is high for the examination in the state.

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