JKPSC Combined Competitive Exam Preliminary Chemistry Previous Papers

JKPSC Combined Competitive Preliminary Examination Chemistry previous year question papers can help you to reach nearer to the vision of the question paper of CCE exam preliminary stage. The candidates who all apply for the exam need the previous year question papers so as to practice more about the examination and to know what kind of paper style comes. There are 4 sets being prepared for Chemistry subject. The questions in the exam paper are all based on the topics related to Chemistry covering basic concepts.

Questions that come in the exam are of type-

Q1: The main function of roasting is-

  1. To remove the volatile impurities
  2. To oxidize the metal
  3. To make a slag
  4. To reduce metal oxide

The questions from chemistry include- Reaction based, organic compounds, basic oxides etc.

Q2:  The reactivity of alcohols with Lucas reagent decreases in order-

  1. Allyl Alcohol > Secondary Alcohol > Primary Alcohol
  2. Secondary Alcohol > Allyl Alcohol > Primary Alcohol
  3. Primary Alcohol > Secondary Alcohol > Allyl Alcohol
  4. Secondary Alcohol > Primary Alcohol > Allyl Alcohol

Q3: A Standard hydrogen Electrode has 0 Electrode potential because-

  1. Hydrogen is easiest to oxidize
  2. The electrode potential is assumed to be 0
  3. Hydrogen Atoms has only 1 electron
  4. Hydrogen is lightest element

Download the JKPSC CCE (Pre) Chemistry Papers for the last years so as to know what kind of questions are asked in the paper. Chemistry subject paper will have the questions based on Physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical compounds etc.

Get all the concepts cleared so that each question can be answered in the best way. Practice more and more questions of the same kind.

JKPSC CCE (Preliminary) Chemistry Previous Paper 1 PDF

JKPSC CCE Chemistry Paper 2 PDF

JKPSC CCE Chemistry Question Paper PDF

JKPSC CCE Chemistry Paper 4 PDF

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