JKPSC Combined Competitive Exam Prelims Sociology Previous Papers PDF

JKPSC KAS Preliminary Sociology Paper will contain all the questions from the subject field of Sociology. The candidates need to study all the chapters from which the questions are liable to come in the examination. JKPSC KAS Preliminary exam Sociology Question Papers are in need so as to practice for the examination in the well organized way.

The type of questions which can be included are-

Question 1: In this system high castes are provided services and products by various lower castes and in return serving people are paid in cash or kind-

  1. Barter System
  2. Ceremonial Exchange
  3. Jajmani System
  4. None of the above

Question 2: It is a period leading up to French revolution, which was characterized by belief in progress and with challenge to traditional roles is known as-

  1. End of ideology
  2. Liberation
  3. Enlightenment
  4. End of History

Question 3: Sociologically ‘Culture’ denotes-

  1. Refinement in person
  2. Learned behavior of man
  3. Growth of micro- organisms in laboratory
  4. Cultivation of aesthetics

JKPSC is the recruitment agency of the Jammu & Kashmir. It was made on 31st December, 1954. JKPSC is the main recruiting body which selects the candidate. JKPSC Solves all the matters related to the selection of candidates in the state. The disciplinary issues can be solved by JKPSC body. There are various types of departmental and various competitive examinations in the state.

Below are the previous year papers of Sociology CCE JKPSC Exam which is held for recruitment process. These can be practiced at the best possible level.

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